Our consultants are the best in the business.
We only recruit well trained, highly qualified and talented individuals with a minimum of ten years relevant hands on experience

Consultancy is our umbrella term for ‘helping out’. If you’ve got a problem – we’ve got a solution.

We support the entire events industry from local authorities to blue light services, security companies, venues, stadiums, festivals and charities. Our network of suppliers, practitioners and academics have the skills and equipment to help.

If you are a business seeking to develop your response to protest, minimise crime, respond to a crisis or improve your business continuity and quality management systems, our consultants have expert policing experience or have worked for FTSE 100 companies and blue chip organisations. They have a superb mix of qualifications, experience and implementation.

For the events industry including festivals, carnivals, parades, stadia or licensed premises our consultants have many years experience as members of Safety Advisory Groups, licensing teams and national policy forums, all specific to this sector.


When it comes to consultancy, we've got it covered.....


At CREST we believe passionately in the principles of Integrated Event Management (™) and will always recommend that a joint services briefing takes place prior to any event opening its gates. Briefings are scalable depending on the clients needs but generally include invites to every tactical manager and operational member of staff from every agency on-site so they are briefed as one, know who they are working with and where they fit into the plan and chain of command so ultimately they act as one. This increases public safety and is the only real way to embed the learning from previous tragedies such as the Boston marathon bombing.

As a stand alone product in this area we can design and supply Immediate Action Drill cards which are generally lanyard in style and include such things as BOMB response or ACID ATTACK and LOST person response on one side and a gridded map of the site on the other for risk mitigation. These are changeable for clients needs.

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