Our consultants are the best in the business.
We only recruit well trained, highly qualified and talented individuals with a minimum of ten years relevant hands on experience

Consultancy is our umbrella term for ‘helping out’. If you’ve got a problem – we’ve got a solution.

We support the entire events industry from local authorities to blue light services, security companies, venues, stadiums, festivals and charities. Our network of suppliers, practitioners and academics have the skills and equipment to help.

If you are a business seeking to develop your response to protest, minimise crime, respond to a crisis or improve your business continuity and quality management systems, our consultants have expert policing experience or have worked for FTSE 100 companies and blue chip organisations. They have a superb mix of qualifications, experience and implementation.

For the events industry including festivals, carnivals, parades, stadia or licensed premises our consultants have many years experience as members of Safety Advisory Groups, licensing teams and national policy forums, all specific to this sector.


When it comes to consultancy, we've got it covered.....


Our de-briefs come in three parts. Firstly we can facilitate ‘hot de-briefs’ on a time scale of the clients choosing. Sometimes this is at shift change over, sometimes its at the end of the day or sometimes its at the end of the event. We recommend having them as frequently as possible so any issues that arise can be tackled early and prevented from escalating. Facilitation can range from personal hosting or more simply just the creation of a de-brief form and a de-brief process.

Secondly we offer the traditional post event de-brief but with substantially more reach and depth than most of our competitors. Not only do we invite key personnel to come together and feed back on behalf of their team or area of responsibility but we include all partners (to provide greater reach) and also all concession or stall holders and anyone who accesses the event is given a quick de-brief form to complete and hand back when exiting the site (to provide greater depth). This is facilitated, collated and disseminated in the usual manner. We do offer a unique record of de-brief service and so if contracted to work on the same or similar events next time the record can be called upon to inform the planning and briefing processes thus bringing the learning cycle full circle and back into the event to embed continual improvement and enhance public safety.

Third and lastly if any Operation Penetrate or Operation Shield products have been purchased the results of these are also included.

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