Our consultants are the best in the business.
We only recruit well trained, highly qualified and talented individuals with a minimum of ten years relevant hands on experience

Consultancy is our umbrella term for ‘helping out’. If you’ve got a problem – we’ve got a solution.

We support the entire events industry from local authorities to blue light services, security companies, venues, stadiums, festivals and charities. Our network of suppliers, practitioners and academics have the skills and equipment to help.

If you are a business seeking to develop your response to protest, minimise crime, respond to a crisis or improve your business continuity and quality management systems, our consultants have expert policing experience or have worked for FTSE 100 companies and blue chip organisations. They have a superb mix of qualifications, experience and implementation.

For the events industry including festivals, carnivals, parades, stadia or licensed premises our consultants have many years experience as members of Safety Advisory Groups, licensing teams and national policy forums, all specific to this sector.


When it comes to consultancy, we've got it covered.....

Exercises – Pre and During Event

We understand the value of a well written plan, people trained to use the plan and having the plan reality tested. That’s why we offer an exercising service where our exercise co-ordinators and facilitators can host a multi agency training day to get all those involved together in the same room. This isn’t just for plans we’ve written, we provide this service to any client looking to test any aspect of their event or business. We will research reasonably foreseeable scenarios and apply them in innovative ways to get the best out of the people positioned to mitigate them. After which we provide detailed, documented feedback to enhance organisational learning and evolve plans where necessary.

During the event we also have access to a number of professional role-actors who can undertake “Operation Penetrate” security style checks to see how far through an event or building they can get before being challenged by security. Secondly we also offer “Operation Shield” style checks where our team will approach a member of staff and report an incident to test real-time responses. Operation Shield helps event organisers to pro-actively assess the security capability of their events, the third parties they employ and any potential licensing breaches so they can be addressed in advance of any potential prosecution.

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