Halo reaches 1/2 a million people milestone!!!

In its first 6 months since launch, from testing March 2018 to date, Halo has now helped to keep 500,000 people safe at a diverse range of events across the UK;

Reading Marathon – 25,000 people
Disney on Ice – 30,000 people
Nickelback – 10,000 people
Noel Gallagher – 10,000 people
Luton Carnival – 30,000 people
Bedford River Festival – 350,000 people
Leicester Carnival – 35,000 people
Nottingham Carnival – 10,000 people

And the year isn’t over yet!!!!! With many more events, venues and locations packed into our busy schedule we’re hoping to hit the 1 Million mark very soon.

Please get in touch to see how Halo can make your event safer.

*Figures accurate to +/- 10% but are based solely on attendees and of course Halo helps to keep the staff and partners safe too!!