Our multi-award winning Halo™ event management app is the most advanced event safety system in the world, delivering unrivalled situational awareness in realtime directly to a virtual control room. Giving you more insight and control than ever before

Halo App - Event management system

If you’re an event safety officer, security company, stadium manager, licensed premises operator or deploy lone workers in any capacity – you need this in your corner. Our award winning Halo App has been described as the future of public safety.

At the heart of any event or venue are its people. Experienced safety professionals who’ve had the best training possible to keep attendees safe at Festivals, Music Venues or Sports Stadia. At CREST, we believe that to maximise that training and experience, Safety Officers need to be freed from the ever growing burden of multiple information flows like numerous radio channels, complex apps or whatsapp groups, especially in today’s threat-rich, litigious environment. So we created Halo – one platform designed to intuitively integrate incident logging, action recording, decisions and rationale for what we call ‘Total Threat Resolution’ giving you complete control and realtime shared situational awareness. Halo is the most advanced Event Management System in the World, designed by Emergency Service and Event Professionals from the ground up.

Halo™ and The Halo Network™ are at the cutting edge of technology and are leading the way in making world class tournaments, stadia, community events and public spaces safer.

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Why choose Halo™?

Only mobile application of its type specifically developed from the ground up by police and industry experts.

Enables stewards, security, volunteers, police, medical staff and the control room to all be on the same system and integrated like never before.

Allows the event organiser and safety officer to have complete situational awareness of their event.

Provides the realtime location of all staff on an event and alerts the control room if any staff leave the site – eliminating the plague of ‘ghosting’.

Because it highlights ‘ghosting’ and eliminates the chances of it happening events become inherently much safer and better value for money is achieved for the event organiser.

Supports and enhances Health & Safety legislation.

Supports the integrity of the event footprint and traffic management plan.

Safeguards lone workers.

Ensures staff are managed and completing their required duties at the required time.

Increasing control room resilience and continuity like never before because our virtual control room lets you pick up and run uninterrupted in-case of your event control room shutting down for any reason. You can run it remotely with total functionality and no loss of data.

Affordable – whether you have a budget big enough to send a human to Mars, or your budget depends on selling Mars bars, you can afford this app. Its the most competitively priced system on the market. The more interesting question is, can you afford not to have it?

Ensures staff are fully briefed as they must acknowledge a bespoke briefing unique to your event when logging in.

Keeps staff on the ground more up to date than ever before, taking public and staff safety to a new level.

Provides a full, in-depth de-brief of an event instantly – no more waiting for days or weeks as safety officer reports are ‘written up’.

The system is totally incorruptible meaning events and decisions are tracked in realtime, time stamped and totally secured from being overwritten. Capturing the decision making process in a transparent way like never before.

Paperless recording of all incidents.

Supports future planning by clearly identifying where risks and tensions were experienced.

Invaluable when attending Safety Advisory Groups

Purchasing the Halo™ app

Depending on your budget you may mix a combination of purchase options.

The app is free to download from the app store and we simply licence the control room function. Costs are scalable depending on the size of your event and appetite for risk.

Those with a lower appetite for risk and a larger budget may wish to hire or buy mobile devices from us. The benefits of hiring or purchasing mobile devices are:

  • It ensures all staff have a communications device BUT because its been stripped of its core functionality you can guarantee they are working and being vigilant – not updating their social media!
  • All of our devices come with a data bundle included in the price. This means you can ensure all devices will work, a risk if people use their own phones is that they may run out of data.
  • All devices have fully functioning batteries and come with a warranty. This reduces the chance of them running out of charge during an event, which cannot be said of a personal device running Halo.
  • In the event of a crisis its important for organisations to ensure staff welfare. In conflict with that most companies prevent their staff carrying their personal mobile phones. Hiring/purchasing one of our devices neatly sidesteps all of these issues and provides a unique solution to this problem.

Because we’re CREST the possibilities don’t end there. We will continue to invest in this app and add new modules at every opportunity. We have some exciting ideas in the pipeline but of course, not all of them will be published on the website!

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