Risk Analysis is the cornerstone of what we’re about. We have developed a suite of unique products that we call:
Integrated Threat Management ™©

Integrated Threat Management (ITM) ™© goes beyond the traditional risk assessment and transcends a number of disciplines, merging shared emergency services and private sector risk terminology in an easy to understand format.

An ITM assessment will include the risks of crime, public disorder, disruption, counter terrorism, intelligence, crowd management (includes crowd capacity/crowd flow/crowd tension) against a backdrop of our patented Mitigation Model ™ ©, Crowd Tension Indicator ™ ©, and Integrated Threat Matrix ™ © products.

All of our unique threat and risk products merged into one comprehensive Integrated Threat Matrix document allows for the highest level of professional safeguarding at a public event.

This is unique to CREST and has been developed by us for use by the public and private sector so they can work in harmony. It has been widely adopted within the UK police service for event management and assessment and the list of users is continually expanding across the police and local authority network.

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Three areas of analysis and assesment - one complete solution

Threat Assessment

Part of the ITM but provided to work in conjunction with an established event that has pre-existing or well documented and tested security and stewarding plans, crowd management plans, safeguarding lost/vulnerable person plans etc. This assessment provides for the crime and disorder dynamic of the ITM without the need for the whole process and is perfect for people seeking to enhance their safeguarding at an event that otherwise needs little or no modification.

Risk Assessments

Traditional risk assessments are still vital and our team of NEBOSH, TechIOSH and GradIOSH professionals will provide robust and comprehensive risk assessments for any aspect of any business or public event.

Risk Analysis

Its the emerging trends or the flashpoint of dynamic risks that often catch people off guard. We pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse with an advanced approach to horizon scanning. This encompasses a potent blend of open source intelligence monitoring, intelligence gathering and professional subscriptions to festival and business intelligence providers to keep you ahead of the curve, safe and prepared. We deliberately don’t publish these in a newsletter on large distribution lists, favouring instead to provide a more discrete and bespoke service – constantly keeping our threat and risk assessments up to date.