Our event safety drones give you the best tactical overview of your event, to keep you on the front foot and ahead of developing risks - before they escalate further

Technology is constantly evolving. At CREST we develop and implement technology to deliver the highest possible safety standards of the future.

The use of drones as a crowd management tool or to manage crowded spaces and improve situational awareness is a cutting edge topic – which is at the forefront of the technology in events debate. Our team of pilots are professionally qualified and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority – but because we’re CREST, we didn’t stop there and so all our pilots are also fully trained and qualified safety officers with UK policing experience. Giving you the re-assurance that our people know precisely what they’re doing in any given situation.

UAV’s come in a vast range of sizes, shapes and weight, thus can be tailored to every event, operation or survey for which they are needed for. They are a perfect tool to establish viewpoints where we can not get cameras or CCTV in.

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CREST Planning is committed to using cutting edge technology, in the fast paced, evolving world that we live in.

We utilise our team of drones for various different roles, and although not an exhaustive list, here is what we use them for:

Event Safety

Monitor crowds and how they flow in and out of events.

Traffic Management

Can be part of any traffic management plan, and monitor and identify problems instantly, giving you time and a view point of the bigger picture.

Search and Rescue

UAV’s are very useful in search and rescue operations. They can cover vast land areas with speed and precision to find missing or injured persons, and provide exact locations for swift and efficient resolutions.

Security & Crime reduction

Can monitor car parks, tent plots or any area that is potentially exposed by a lack of CCTV. The UAV’s we use have a live time downlink that can be monitored and support video evidence of any incidents taking place.


Our UAV’s provide excellent aerial views to assist with site management, infrastructure layout and overall site design. Reducing vulnerabilities and maximising safety and customer experience.


UAV’s can also be used for live time weather reports. This is used effectively if you are looking at localised incoming weather for an event on the day itself.

Incident Management

Our UAV’s can be deployed instantly to assist in the management of incidents and begin recording evidence. This enables safety officers to make better informed dynamic decisions regarding the incidents – leading to safer outcomes. During evacuations our UAV’s can be utilised as emergency beacons for people to follow.

Live video

There really is no substitute for seeing incidents unfolding in real-time to complement your decision making. Our footage can be piped straight into the event control room.